All products sent from our USA or UK based warehouses within 24 hours

"Due to the current circumstances we have decided to apply our sourcing and logistics experience to aid in the distribution of these essential materials. We strive to keep our pricing as responsible as possible while ensuring the continuity of our supply chain and workforce." 
- Cordays Team

KN95 Mask

  • Complete Protection : KN95 Masks provide a minimum of 95% filtration against harmful substances.
  • Certified : CE & FDA approved up to FFP2 standard.
  • Quantity : Each Pack contains 10 disposable masks.
  • Expedited Delivery : We now Dispatch from our USA or UK based warehouses directly.
  • Estimated Delivery : 5-6 working days
  • 100% Responsible Pricing 
for 5-9 packs 
Euro*, 42.50 for each pack of 10
  • *Approx 3.80$ or £3.71, each
  • ​​1-4 packs Standard Price 
  • 5-9 packs Save 15%
  • 10-12 packs Save 25%
  • *automatically charged in your local currency

All Products Despatched Worldwide within 24 hrs by *DHL Express.
Estimated Delivery 5-6 working days.

*We use the best available door to door delivery provider to ensure shortest fulfillment time.

Other products

Infrared Thermometer

  • No Contact Thermometer : Ideal for preventative measures for your home, business or retail premises.
  • Certified : CE approved
  • Expedited Delivery : We now dispatch from our U.S.A. or U.K. Based warehouses directly. 
  • ​Estimated Delivery : 5-6 working days
  • Price: €74.90 (*automatically pay in your local currency)
  • *​Approx $69.90 or £65.30

3 Ply Surgical Mask

  • Disposable, Reliable Protection : Help prevent the spread & keep those around you save.
  • Certified : CE & FDA approved
  • Expedited Delivery : We now dispatch from our U.S.A. or U.K. Based warehouses directly. 
  • ​Estimated Delivery : 5-6 working days
  • Price: €0.90 - 0.80 each one.                                                  (automatically pay in your local currency)
  • ​*​Approx $0.98-0.87 or £0.79-0.70
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